Our Philosophy

Our vision is to strive to make every small or large projects the best and most cost effective. We take ownership of every single task or project to be recognized as the highest quality firm among all.

AVECS specialized in providing full substation electrical engineering and design. We can perform engineering services on a wide variety of substation and bulk power delivery related projects. Our system planning, project management, design, program management and construction management experience ranges from 4kV through 500kV on simple retrofit projects to large, complex projects.

Our Approach

At AVECS, our approach is to utilize our strong work ethic, integrity, experience, and the latest technology to provide high quality electrical engineering services. As well as communicating with the customer throughout the project.

Design Experience

Our engineers and designers have designed projects ranges from 4kV through 500kV on simple retrofit projects to large and complex projects. We have provided consulting, engineering, and design services from the initial conceptual stages of a project through the construction and energization of the substation. Our engineers have the expertise to provide job walk, MM, estimates, preliminary designs, design specs necessary to evaluate the viability of a project. Our experience with project administration provides for a smooth continuum of activities necessary for the execution of a project through the conceptual, design, bid and construction phases.

Our engineers have provided 500/220/115/66/16/12/4kV substation engineering and design and RE duties for SCE. Scope of works including; line, bus, transformers, circuit breakers, capacitor banks, regulators, relay racks, HMI, EPAC, PLC, RTU, annunciators, and MEER replacement or additions. We have experience on both substation physical and protection and control design.

AVECS engineers have performed engineering services for clients on a wide variety of substation related projects. AVECS, Inc. currently employees’ engineers, drafters, and designers. Our professionals have the experience of doing Physical design including Plot Plan, Section/Details, Above and Below Ground Conduit & Groundings, and Bill of Materials. Protection and control engineering and design including One Line, Point Lists, AC & DC Elementaries, Logic Diagrams, Panel Elevations, Labelings, Wirings, and Calculations.

Calculation, charger sizing, bus configurations, short circuit study, drop-in control room (MEER) design and specifications, grounding and conduit design, fence and motor operating gate design, report and documentations, project scheduling and managements, construction support, and record drawings.

Engineers at work

Quality Assurance (QA)

Project Manager will be responsible for contract adherence, team assignments, contract document management, quality control reporting and overall seeing the client requirements are consistently applied for all contract tasks and for providing overall senior leadership to the project. Our Project Manager will also coordinate quality control procedures with project engineer leads. The review will cover technical review as well as constructability and discipline coordination review.

Our Project Manager will serve as the primary point of contact between the project team and client. He will monitor and manage the communication streams between technical personnel and client. He will also coordinate with project engineers on a weekly basis to assure that budgets and schedules are being met and to assign additional resources should workload surges. He will also be responsible for assembling required personnel from the project team for weekly progress meetings and site visit during design to clarifying scope issues.

Our Project Manager will also coordinate internal quality control reviews and client design submittals and incorporate applicable changes and corrections. Quality Control Review Form will be reviewed by the project manager to assure that it has been filled and signed by project team prior to design submittals.

Quality Control

Project Engineers will be responsible for coordinating within their design teams and project manager. For instance, our project engineers will be responsible for checking the design package and coordinating all design requirements, scope, schedule, SCE standards, issues, reviewing the work of the designers and making sure that the work is done properly and thoroughly and the results and recommendations are integrated into the design.

Quality Control Steps

The objectives of the AVECS design quality control plan is to:

  • Satisfy our client’s desires and requirements, consistent with imposed time and budget
  • Comply with applicable codes, standards, laws and regulations
  • Comply with client standards unless otherwise directed by our client and if the substituted standards are in accordance with good engineering practice
  • Select cost-effective concepts and systems
  • Minimize design, specification and drafting errors
  • Produce contract documents within budgets and schedules
  • Reduce liability to the client and the company

After a project is assigned to AVECS, five-distinct quality control review subtasks will be scheduled and monitored by our project team:

Q1Project scope review by the project manager and project engineers.

Q2Preliminary design review by the project engineers and design team. At this stage, any questions, clarification, site visit required, or scope addition/changes will be communicated to project manager.

Q3Drawing design set and checking for any design/drafting errors by design team at various milestones throughout the design till completion.

Q4Project engineers final review/detail checking of the complete design submittals (QC).

Q5Project manager final review of the design package to make sure all the necessary submittals are included with the final design package (QA).

The purpose of the Q1 review is to ensure that the client ‘s requirements for the contemplated project/scope are sufficiently defined and that the client and project team clearly understand the scope and limitation of the services.

The Q2 review evaluates and determines the appropriateness and compatibility of the technical systems developed by all disciplines to implement the client’s requirements. In addition, the Q2 review will ascertain that each element of the design is represented by enough technical concepts, criteria and detail so that final documents may be developed from the preliminary design with minimum deviation.

The purpose of the Q3 review is for the team to self-check prior documents, reports and information to assure their intent is what is being presented and to correct omissions or errors that may exist.

The Q4/QC review provides for review of the design documents by project engineers for completeness and correctness.

The Q5/QA is an additional process to make sure the final submittal is complying with client need and all the necessary documents/QC forms are included in the final package.

Accuracy and thoroughness in executing each assigned task is of primary importance.

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